Friday, 2 May 2014

Mountains of Romania, Undercliff Sunset and Pub Fireplace

"Mountains of Romania" :- I never in my wildest dreams thought I'd be standing at the side of a road photographing Romanian landscapes. It all seemed to happen so fast (and ended just as quickly). I'd been asked if I'd help drive a van from the UK to Romania, pick up a few dogs and then drive back again. Sounded like an adventure so I packed a bag, threw in the camera and set off. There were not that many photo opportunities as we were on a tight schedule and time was not exactly on our side but there was the odd moment when thngs all fell together. We'd finally arrived in Romania and had stopped briefly in the city of Arad for a break and bite to eat. After setting off once again and being on the road for a few hours we needed to stop and refuel. Spotting a gas station we pulled in just as the sun was setting and lighting up the mountains and clouds to the North. Directly opposite the gas station there was a large corn field so I grabbed the camera and (carefully) crossed tha busy road made my way down to the edge of the field. This was the resulting shot. I'm not exaclty sure where we were at the time but having a (rough) look on Google maps I think we were near Orăștie which is a city located between Deva and Sebeș in south-western Transylvania.

"Undercliff Sunset" :- You can plan on being out at the right time and you can speculate on where the right place to be will be that doesn't guarantee that you'll get the shot or that mother nature will play fair. It's a cat & mouse game as the perameters and goal posts areconstantly changing. Sometimes it pays off and sometimes (more often than not) it doesn't but you have to get out there and try...just in case. On this occasion I had a hunch that there was going to be a reasonably decent sunset as t had been sunny all day and some clouds had since drifted in. You don't get a great sunset with clear blue skies, you need cloud and things for the light to bounce off , light up and play with. By the time I got down onto the undercliff walk near the village of Rottingdean (on the south coast of England) I was cursing under my breath as a series of dark storm clouds had drifted in and were lookng to smother and stifle and chances of a good shot. I walked a long a while checking out the beach and was all about to turn and give up when it happened. The cloud gave way, the sun beams broke through and the shot was "in the bag".

"Pub Fireplace" :- If you ask someone to picture an English village pub in their mind they'll porbably come up with an image that looks much like this full of oak beams, wooden tables and a large open fireplace. This is part of the "Six Bells Inn" in the village of Chiddingly in the heart of Sussex. It's everything that a village pub should be, way out of the way of tourists, a supply of real ale and good beer, wonderful pub food and at weekends live music. The village is ancient (like most of Sussex) and has an entry in the Domesday Book of 1086. I thought i'd post this today because up until recently the village of Chiddingly was where Bob Hoskins had his home and I thought I'd raise a glass to him.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill