Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Old Artwork, Light Water and Closed Terraces

"Old Artwork" :- This is one of the exquisitely painted wooden panels in Saint Paul's Church in West Street, Brighton, England. They are part of the magnificent and very ornate Rood-screen which can be dated back to Victorian times. Apparently the painted woodwork and figures were by Mr. S. Bell but I know very little about him. I do know that the artsist was also involved in some of the artwork in the mighty Saint Bartholomew's which is another of Brighton's churches. I think this artwork is beautiful.

"Light Water" :- This is the marina end (or beginning depending which way you're going) of the undercliff walk on the south coast of England. The walkway at the bottom of the cliffs runs for several miles with open sea views, it's only when you get near Brighton itself that the marina then hems you in and blocks the view. It had been raining heavily for most of the afternoon but had eventually stopped which gave me the chance to get out for a bit with the camera. The marina section of the undercliff walk never seems to drain properly and is forever patchy wih water and blotchy mud as it mixes in with bits of fallen chalk from the cliffs. This was shot on the 12th May (a few days ago) around 8 pm just as the sun was setting which lit up the water along the pathway.

"Closed Terraces" :- Up until a few months ago this was a thriving and busy restaurant located on Brighton's famous Victorian built terraces between Marine Parade and Madirea Drive. It was in a prime location commanding views over the English Channel, seafront and Brighton's well known Pier. The "Terraces Bar and Grill" catered for tourists and locals alike and was always busy. Then it was suddenly closed and empty. Without warning they were notified that their unit was going to be redeveloped by 'Brighton Seafront Regeneration' in order to "realise their future vision". Quite what that means and what's in store for the area is anybody's guess but I feel sorry for the company that ran the restaurant and for all those that used to enjoy the food and the views it offered. It now stands empty and locked up and looks eerily inviting when still illuminated at night.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill