Friday, 9 May 2014

Sunset Carousel, Swollowing Light and Liquid Gold

"Sunset Carousel" :- Caught between the fading light of the day and the warm glow of the sunset the Victorian Carousel on the end of Brighton's famous Victorian Pier is an explosion of colours. On those still, calm, summer nights you can sometimes here the jingling tunes of the Carousel's organ drifing across the water. The world’s oldest carousel was built in 1780 is located in Hanau, Germany. This one is considerably newer but still has all the old world charm of a bygone age.

"Swollowing Light" :- An image diagonally split by contrasting light. I love watching sunsets. They offer up an array of hues and moods that paint the planet with the most incredible natural colours that mother nature has on her palette. But then I love sunsets just as much for the opposite reason too. As the sun dips down you get to see the light slowly being consumed and gathered up by the creeping darkness. All the colors of the world are painted over by an unforgiving night as it approaches and takes command. This image was shot on the 29th April 2014 on Brighton beach (Sussex, England) just as the light and the dark were about to fight it out.

"Liquid Gold" :- A dark, brooding and foreboding looking seascape shot from the south coast of England. Storm clouds were working their way in and had smothered the sunset, forcing the light to squeeze through any gap it could find. A strip of water glowed with a molten metal luminescence as a large and powerful ray of light made its escape. The odd patch of blue could still be seen beyond and above the cloud but all hope was lost the temperature plummeted and the first few drops of rain began to fall.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill