Monday, 12 May 2014

Within the Garden, Safety Measures and A River Runs Through It

"Within the Garden" :- A sightly misty atmopshere makes a moody twilight image of the Pavilion Gardens located in the city of Brighton in England. Lights glow above the grand and ornate entrance to the Brighton Museum & Art Gallery as a palm stands in silhouette. The gardens have changed thorughout the years with various layouts and designs. The most ambitious and famous layout was created in the 1980's when they were laid out and redesigned to re-create John Nash’s original Regency Gardens.

"Safety Measures" :- An image full to the brim with contrasts. Light and dark, hard and soft, the beauty of nature and the ugliness of manmade structures. This corner railing is placed on the undercliff walk near Saltdean to stop people to stupid to look where they're going from falling into the sea. The undercliff walk in unique on the south coast of England. It runs from Brighton all the way through to Saltdean where it stops before starting up again Peacehaven. It's a long walkway built in the 1930's that runs along the base of the cliffs just a few feetor so above sea level. It's one of my favourite hunting grounds for images and a great place to go for a walk.

"A River Runs Through It" :- This is a shot of a small river called "Glynde Reach". It's in a very rural area of Sussex and runs through the village of Glynde (near Glyndebourne and its famous Opera house). I'd been out exploring the area and had found myself down on the banks of the river.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill