Sunday, 15 June 2014

Celeritas, Blinding Light and Red Brick Path

"Celeritas" :- Shot this year back in March on the beach near Hove Lawns on the south coast of England. There was a hard, crisp light being cast over everything and a cold snap to the air as the waves rolled in. The clouds were helping to break up the sun's efforts and were creating rays of light that was scatterng across the sea. All happening in the blink of an eye and forever changing. I chose "Celeritas" as the title of this image as it's Latin for "swiftness" or "speed" and is universally used to mean the speed of light (299 792 458 meters per second) and is the C in Albert Einstein's famous equation E = mc² (Energy is equal to mass squared by the speed of light).

"Blinding Light" :- The bright sunlight of the outside world blasts through an open door and the interior of a darkened church. This is the parish church of St Mary in Kemptown, Brighton and it's a church that I had passed many times over the years but had never visited or entered before. I have to admit that from the outside St Mary's doesn't exactly capture the imagination as she's a pretty ordinary looking red brick Victorian church but her interior completely caught me out and took my breath away. The church was consecrated on 14 October 1878 and was built on the site of a previous church (also called St Mary's) which was built around 1825 but suddenly collapsed while being renovated. The church is now a Grade II listed building but you do have to take care when walking around as there are signs placed about the church (on the left of this image) that clearly state "BEWARE! Our window tracery is elderly: Fragments may fall. Please be careful in all areas of our beautiful building."

"Red Brick Path" :- Simple shot and image of a section of path that I loved as a child and still love to this day. It's located in the historical village of Rottingdean and is only (approx) 67 meters or 220 feet in length as it winds around a bend with a few trees seperating it from the road. As A child it reminded me of the "Yellow Brick Road" from the Wizard of Oz as it seemed so out of place with the rest of the paving and sidewalks in the village. It doesn't take much to activate a child's imagination and this small, little, red bricked path, dappled in sunlight used to fire mine up every time.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill