Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Evening Light, North Parade and Fame Frame

"Evening Light" :- Mid evening on the downs at a beauty spot called "Devil's Dyke" on the edge of Brighton in Sussex, England. You can literally see for miles from up there as you are high up on the south downs. If you look to the north everything is way down below you and stretches out until it disappears into the haze. Weather permitting you can clearly see Box Hill which is 64.37 Kilometers (40 miles) away in Surrey. This image was taken as I exploring the area and wandering about. It's hard to tell which direction I was facing but if you look carefully on to the left of the image you can just make out on the horizon a small patch of blue that's the English Channel that's 8 km (5 miles) away on the South coast.

"North Parade" :- A seriously grand row of buildings stand in a quiet, secluded side street in the city of Bath in Somerset, England. This terrace was built (circa) 1741 by the English architect John Wood, the Elder, (1704 – 23 May 1754). One of the houses (number 9) has historical connections to the English poet William Wordsworth (7 April 1770 – 23 April 1850). Most of the buildings are either Grade I or Grade II listed.

"Fame Frame" :- Abstract & rusting, surreal & saddening. I never tire of taking her photograph, I forever find myself down by her shore. It's hard to imagine that the structure was once a grand concert hall and theatre. The pier was constructed in 1866 but her theatre wasn't built and completed until 1916. It was a low eight sided oval concert hall that could seat 1,400 and was built around a skeleton of iron arches (clearly visible & open to the elemnents now) it was the last part of the pier to be added. The skeletal mass of metal you see here was once filled with music & laughter and provided entertainment for people of all ages for many years. Now it's fallen silent, the fun it provided long forgotten.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill