Sunday, 1 June 2014

Ladders of Angels, Evening Woods and Coastal Alchemy

"Ladders of Angels" :- This is the impressive entrance to the Abbey Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul in Bath, Somerset, England. Bath Abbey was originally founded in the 7th Century but was then changed around in the 10th and then rebuilt in the 12th Century and then once again rebuilt in the16th Century. The abbey is a Grade I listed building and is famous for its unique west front that features sculptures of angels climbing to heaven on two stone ladders.

"Evening Woods" :- I spent half an hour or so hiding in the shadows in among these trees. The light was dancing all over the place as a gentle breeze blew through. I was the only one in there....everyone else walked around the edge and perimeter without question, blndly following each other without knowing what they were missing by stepping off the path. These tree are located at a beauty spot known as Devil's Dyke on the outskirts of Brighton.

"Coastal Alchemy" :- Right time, right place. On the far eastern end of Brighton beach (near the marina) I stood and watched the late afternoon sun drop. Brighton was slowly transformed into a city of gold and the pebbles glistened as though the beach was full of gems. Nobody else seemed to notice. Nobody else seemed to care. But I did...

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill