Friday, 27 June 2014

Mellow Yellow, Chantry Chapel and Cornish Coast

"Mellow Yellow" :- This wonderful view is but a stone's throw away from my front door. I am lucky enough to be surrounded by fields and countryside and yet just a 10 minute drive into the heart of the famous City of Brighton on the south coast of England. The scene caught my attention for several reasons. O loved the fact that it was made entirley of primary colours, I loved the gentle sine wave and oscillation of the horizon's line and above all I loved the fact that there was no high rise block, building or concrete monstrosity to ruin it all. As it should be...

"Chantry Chapel" :- Within seconds of entering the awe inspiring structure that is Bath Abbey (in Bath, Somerset, England) I was told "Sorry, you cannot use a tripod within the Cathedral". I asked why and was told that it was "dangerous as someone may trip or fall over over it". Well, to be honest I am constantly using a tripod and have never once seen or had anyone fall over it, even in the busiest of places it's been perfectly fine and those walking close to it managed to negotiate without injury. Anyway, I politely thanked them for letting me know and folded it away. On entering the Abbey I discovered many visitors were elderly and that they were in the process of trying to trip up the other visiors with their countless walking sticks, zimmer frames and shopping bags. The tripod refusal was baffling but I endeavoured to soldier on, behave myself, respect their wishes and get around the problem as best I could with a subtle blend of ingenuity and downright sneakiness. This shot was taken in the Chantry Chapel which is located on the right hand side at the far eastern end of the Abbey. The lighting was subdued and moody, I didn't want to use the flash (hate flash at the best of times) and even though there was no danger of maiming a passer by with my tripod due to me being the only one in that section I still elected to play by their rules and not use the tripod. The camera was therefore balanced on the back of one of the wooden chairs and carefully held in place. Stupid rules and regulations.

"Cornish Coast" :- A section of Cornish coastline sits under a blanket of heavy clouds. It was one of those days where the colour was being sucked out of everything and the entire world appeared to be a blend of greys and smoky hues. The rocks and lush, green hills simply adopted a hard and dark stance, the sea looked cold and univiting. You could feel the atmospheric pressure change and the smell of bad weather filled your nostrils and chilled your lungs with each breath. I walked out along the outer southern harbour wall, bracing myself against the strong wind that had started to build, looked towards the east and took the shot.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill