Sunday, 22 June 2014

Old St Peter, Cars Will Be Towed Away and Timeless Beach

"Old St Peter" :- I found this little church completely by accident. I'd been out for an afternoon drive in Sussex and was heading back on the A275 towards Lewes when I happened to catch site of the church to my left. It appeared to be on top of a small hill and in the middle of nowhere. Intrigued, I turned the car around and then followed my nose in the hope that I could find my way through to it. I eventually got there but found it was located at the dead end of a narrow lane. I managed to turn around once again (it was tight and not at all easy) and with nowhere to park pulled up briefly on the grass verge and grabbed this shot. It's situated in the parish of Hamsey, which incorporates the villages of Hamsey, Offham and Cooksbridge and is just north of the historical town of Lewes. Apparently the Church had stood there welcoming parishioners for over 800 years but had fallen into a state of direpair by the 1850's. The church had also once been surrounded by the old village of Hamsey but that had vanished with the ravages of time leaving the church pretty much on its own. A new church was built at Offham rather than restoring the old one. Unfortunately for me I dodn't have time to see if I could gain entry and the car wasn't parked in a safe place either so i had to move one. Maybe one day I'll get to see her interior.

"Cars Will Be Towed Away" :- Three roads, one shot. The lower road is Madeira Drive and a few 100 years ago it was beach and sea until Brighton's Victorian engineers worked out how to hold the sea at bay and reclaim the land as well as pin up the cliff face. The upper road at the top is Marine Parade with its open sea views to the south and its Georgian & Regency buildings to the North. The building you can see up top and to the right is on the corner of Marine Parade and Eaton Place. They are joined by the sloping, connecting road that is known as Duke's Mound. The row of white doors and arches below were once used to house Victorian fishing boats and nets. Now they are private lock ups and a Canoe Club.

"Timeless Beach" :- The lower promenade down by Brighton beach still retains a lot of its Victorian history and feel. There's nothing in this shot to say that it was taken this year or last year or this century or last century. The only thing that gives it away as being a modern image is that it's in colour and digitally done. This was shot just after 8pm in April (2014) on the section of promenade that's by the Fishing Museum. Timing was everything as many of you will know that the chances of catching this part of the prom without anybody being in shot are extremely slim.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill