Monday, 2 June 2014

Reflect & Shadow, Cold Rails and Hard Scenery

"Reflect & Shadow" :- If you are ever out and about on the Sussex coastline then there are a few places you can visit that will heighten your chances of bumping into me. One of them is the Undercliff walk that runs between Saltdean and the seaside resort of Brighton, UK. It stretches for 5.63 kilometers (3.5 miles) at the base of the chalk cliffs. It's stunning during low tide when all the rocks are exposed and it's an adventure during high tide when the sea is trying desperately hard to give you a soaking as it sprays up and over the 1930's built sea wall. When I grabbed this image it was a beautifully sunny day but the rough waves had left the concrete wet with the odd salt water puddle.

"Cold Rails" :- The seafront railway in Brighton has been providing rides, pleasure and awe for 131 years (it opened in 1883) and is the 'world's oldest operating electric railway'. During the summer months the old looking wooden carriages / cars can be seen trundling up and down between Black Rock Station and the Aquarium (Sealife Centre) Station with the odd claxon sounding off as the train nears the odd pedestrian crossing. You can read more about the railway, it's history and news here :- Volks Electric Railway

"Hard Scenery" :- At first this looks like a colourless and harsh landscape but the more you look at it the more you realise just how much colour there is there. A myriad of blue and grey hues spread out before you, mix with the salt air and the sounds of the sea. The rock pools patiently wait to be filled again by the returning tide and the huge breakwater that's constructed of bolders braces itself before doing battle with the elements once again. This is the ever changing face of the beaches to the east of Brighton. They are not the beaches full of tourists, ice creams and bars. These are the beaches that I wander and call home.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill