Monday, 9 June 2014

Squeeze, Moment of Clarity and Under Standing Way

"Squeeze" :- When people think of Brighton and its famous Victorian pier this is not the normal vision of it that springs to mind. There's a dark, creepy, dingy and thoroughly unpleasant smelling part of the promenade that runs underneath the pier. It's not the sort of place you ought to find yourself in at night and it's not exactly a joy to be there during the day but it does offer an interesting and different view of this 1899 built tourist attraction . I shot this way back in August 2012 as the late afternoon sun was bouncing of the pebbles and underlighting the old metalwork.

"Moment of Clarity" :- An open bit of land, an open stretch of sea and a blanket of sunlit cloud. The simplest things often work the best and you can't get much simpler than this. It was shot up on the old pitch & put golf course by the village of Rottingdean, the dark raised bits of the land are old bunkers & greens. The water of the English Channel was glistening away under the afternoon sun and from this angle it was hard to believe that the huge sprawling city of Brighton (England) was so very near by.

"Under Standing Way" :- A shot of a section of the Grand Union Canal as it runs through part of Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire, England. Bridges old and new traverse its water as it winds 220 km (137 miles) through England. If you had to to take a long boat down the entire length of the canal you'd encounter and negotiate an impressive 166 locks! The towpaths evoke days of old and it's easy to imagine the horses plodding along and pulling the barges and boats. "Standing Way" (A421) is a dual carriageway / highway that crosses Milton Keynes from west to east and I was standing underneath it for this shot.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill