Saturday, 7 June 2014

The Duke, Chapel Point and Fire Hole

"The Duke" :- This is the Eastern entrance in Ship Street to Dukes Lane in the city of Brighton, England. The western Entrance / exit is located in Middle Street but doesn't look as grand. Unlike "The Lanes" which are the oldest part of Brighton this particular lane is relatively new as it was built in the 1980's. It's a mixture of fashion shops, cafes and boutique stores catering for the customers who don't mind paying that "little bit extra". I mainly wander through there to use it as a short cut when I am out and about. Once again timing and patience came into play for this shot as various pedestrians kept walking through there and the odd car or van would also drive past as Ship Street is one of the main routes down to the seafront's King's Road.

"Chapel Point" :- If you stand on the southern outer harbour wall of Mevagissey and look towards the West this is the view you get. A stretch of land juts out into the English Channel and right on the end of it you can see some trees and a couple of houses. This is Chapel Point in Cornwall. The houses were built in the 1930's and Chapel Point House is a grade II listed building. It's a famous part of the coastline because Daphne Du Maurier wrote about Chapel Point in her novel "The House on the Strand".

"Fire Hole" :- This was shot on my frst evening on Dartmoor in Devon, England. I'd been driving for most of the day so it was wonderful to finally arrive at my friend's house on the moor, switch of and relax. After spending an hour or so chatting and catching up my friend Philip suggested that we give the dog some excercise and take a walk up the hill to the Tors and rocks at the top. Needless to say i was eager to get the camera out and stretch my legs after sitting down in the car for the day. I have to admit that the lane leading up to the rocks was steeper than I had anticipated and I was breathing like an old man by the time we reached the large granite boulders. It was well worth th strain though. As the daylight began to fade we explored the area while the dog ran around chasing stones we were throwing for it. The sun began to pitch down and we stood ovrlooking the village below and the vast expanse of scenery that lay before us. Just before heading back down to the house I spotted this natural hole through the rocks and lined it up as best I could with the fading sunlight. Sometimes words are not enough...

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill