Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Across the Nave, The White Hart and Blue & White Boat

"Across the Nave" :- This was shot inside (obviously) the Church of St Peter in the village of Chailey in East Sussex, England. The church is recorded as having been built in 1256 but like a lot of churches it's an architectural amalgamation of the 12th Century (the nave), 13th Century (the tower), 14th Century (south aisle) and 19th Century (double north aisle). I'd driven past this little church so many times but had never stopped so on this occasion I made the effort to drive out there with the sole purpose of paying it a visit. I love the silence and history of these ancient places of worship. There's a weight and mass that they prject as you walk in.

"The White Hart" :- A timeless shot of the White Hart pub as seen from the ancient Stopham Bridge in Pulborough, West Sussex, England. Unfortunately this beautiful little pub is no longer open for business due to being flooded out at the beginning of the year and then suffering an arson atack. The bridge that the shot was taken from is old and a Grade I listed Scheduled Ancient Monument. Orignally a wooden bridge (built in 1309) stood here for some time until being replaced by the stone bridge which was built in 1422. The bridge is 74.98 meters (246ft) in length and just 3.65 meters (12ft) wide.

"Blue & White Boat" :- A few boats bob in the distance as boats by the slipway struggle for water at low tide on the River Arun. This was the scene at Littlehampton on a beautifully sunny afternoon. At the time I thought the boats in the foreground must have recently come in and moored up but I have since had a look at this area on Google maps street view and these three boats are clearly visible in the same positions so they must have been here for some considerable time!

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill