Saturday, 5 July 2014

Around and Around, Broken Gate and Victorian Terrace

"Around and Around" :- Yet another staggeringly beautiful sunset as seen from the beach at Ovingdean Gap just a few miles East of sprawling Brighton on the south coast of England. This one was shot back in January this year (2014) as the sun was still going down in a South Westerly position. The clouds danced into position to make it all the more spectacular by bouncing the light around. The tide had very helpfully gone out too so I was able to venture down to the rocks and seaweed and get a better shot.

"Broken Gate" :- A weathered, worn and broken gate tries its best to stop things going in and things getting out. I'd been to the magical Wistman's Wood on Dartmoor in Devon (England) and was making my way back to where i'd parked the car when I spotted the sorry looking gate down the bank and away from the road. Before I knew it i'd made my way down and was setting up for the shot. I do love shooting into sunlight, it doesn't always get the results I want but 9 times out of 10 it does so I was delighted with this image once I'd processed it and completed the black and white conversion etc.

"Victorian Terrace" :_ Much of this old Victorian Terrace has now been closed off to the public by Brighton & Hove Council. The Terrace, Iron Arches and Madeira Lift (seen in this image) were all constructed in the late 1890's. The terrace stretches for half a mile or so right along the length of the lower seafront road that is Madeira Drive.  It cost an impressive £150,000 which was an incredible amount of money back then. The sad thing is that over the years the various councils in charge of running Brighton simply left it to stand. They didn't paint it every four years or rennovate it steadily, section by section. They simply let the elements take their toll. Wind, rain and a lot of salt in the air from the sea have weekened what was once called "the finest marine promenade in the world". It will cost an unprecedented amount to restore and rennovate the iron work and terrace but instead of fixing and repairing our history the council are more keen to spend £46.2 million on a 574ft (174.95 meters) observation tower (known as the i360) that many Brightonians and residents do not want, like or see the necessity off. Progress? I think not...

I hasten to add that I did not sneak up onto the terrace to get this night shot. It was taken on the 4th February 2013 before the council closed access off.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill