Saturday, 12 July 2014

Black Bench, Land of Light & Shade and Breath Easy

"Black Bench" :- Just a tiny little greenery (to the right) manages to grow wild in an otherwise hard and hostile manmade environment. The entire scene is a mass of concrete, stone, metal and wood. The bigger picture (if you could see it) is slightly more picturesque as this was shot down on the wide promenade in Saltdean that is part of the undercliff walk that stretches all the way to Brighton. Either side of this 1930's built mass of concrete you have large white chalk cliff faces. The bench itself looks out across the English Channel, those that choose to sit on it would be able to see France if they had the vision of Superman.

"Land of Light & Shade" :- Devil's Dyke as seen from the South Downs Way near the Summer Down car park on Devil's Dyke Road. The little unmade carpark is rough and full of deep pot holes but it's free there's always spaces to park. It's about a 20 minute walk to Devil's Dyke itself but it's a pleasant and picturesque route and a much better alternative than driving around trying to find a space in the packed pay and display car park on the Dyke itself. The area is seriously ancient (as is much of Sussex) and was formed during the Cretaceous period (between 145.5 and 65.5 million years ago). The huge valley was carved out by river erosion as huge amounts of water ran off the Downs during the last Ice Age. Devil's Dyke is the most visited site on the South Downs with (approx) 1 million visitors a year. The views and scenery are breathtaking.

"Breath Easy" :- In a world that seems to be forever spinning faster it's wonderful to see the odd person step aside from the rat race, find time to sit down on a beach and simply watch the sun go down. It's one of natures greatest shows, it happens each and every day and it's free. Put down the iPads, pods, phones and devices for 30 minutes, breath in the air, take in your surroundings and talk (not type) to someone. As a human race we are changing and fooling oursleves into thinking that we are turning into a much more social and engaging race. We are not. We are less likely to actually meet up and talk to each other than we ever were. I have lost count of the times I have seen a table full of people where not one of them is talking. They are all staring into a small flat screen, unaware that each other exists until one of them sends a message via satellite across the very table they are sitting at. Intelligent? I don't think so. Get out, take it in, look at the colours, listen to the sea ... be alive.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill