Sunday, 27 July 2014

Catedrala Ortodoxa, Main Gatehouse and Free Bird

"Catedrala Ortodoxa Sfanta Treime" :- There are times when you have to pinch yourself due to the situations and places that you can find yourself in. This was one of those occasions. One minute i'd been sitting quietly at home minding my own business and before I knew it I was helping to drive a van from the South coast of England all the way to Romania and the City of Constanța on the coast of the Black Sea. It was definitely a pinch yourself moment. When we had finally driven through most of Europe and entered Romania we carried on for a while and eventually stopped for a break (stretch the legs, grab a bite to eat etc) in Arad, A Romanian City that dates back to the 11th Century. As we wandered around the streets we came across this immense Cathedral. The Catedrala Ortodoxa Sfanta Treime (Holy Trinity Orthodox Cathedral) is a very new place of worship. It's cornerstone was laid in 1991 by the Bishop of Arad and the building was finally consecrated on December 6th 2008. The interior is gargantuan and an odd mixture of plain, grey concrete walls and ornate, rich, lavish artwork.

"Main Gatehouse" :- You can't move in Sussex (Southern England) without tripping or falling over some sort of history. It's everywhere you look. The County itself is divided in two (East and West) and it sits on the coast. In 2011 the population of the county was given as 1,609,500 and its area as 934,900 acres or 3,783 km2, apparently it was created in the 5th Century as the Kingdom of Sussex. Pevensey Castle was constructed sometime around 290 AD. It was a medieval castle and former Roman Saxon Shore fort situated in Pevensey, East Sussex. After the Romans left it fell into ruin but was famously reoccupied by the Normans in a year that changed England forever. On the 28th September 1066 Duke William II of Normandy landed at Pevensey with his army. That very night the army along Duke William II of Normandy took shelter for the night in a temporary fortification situated within the old Roman fort (Pevensey Castle). The following day they made their way to Hastings and the rest, as they say, is history. This is an image of the main gatehouse of Pevensey Catle. The castle (even in ruin) is an immense structure as its walls are 4.2 metres (14 ft) thick at the base and its towers still stand up to 8.2 metres (27 ft) high. It's hard to get your head around all the different historical figures that have entered in and out of this gate and the pour souls that were captured and taken in with no hope of ever geting out.

"Free Bird" :- This was shot back in April 2013 on a clear but cool afternoon. There are many breakwaters / groynes on Brighton beach to the West of the famous Victorian pier but curiously enough very few East of the pier. This one is the Black Rock Griyne and situated near to the Marina. This breakwater was completed in 1895 and has been protecting the shore and coastline ever since. When the tide is low and few people are about it's wonderful to sit and stare out to sea. It's very peaceful with just the odd cry of a gull or breaking of a wave dirpupting the silence.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill