Wednesday, 9 July 2014

East Looe River, Sunny Prom and Mansion Library

"East Looe River" :- A gloriously warm and sunny day made the Cornish coastal town of Looe look like it was somewhere in the Mediterranean. It's a stunning place that's split in two by the River Looe. This image was shot from the "Old Brdge" and looks south towards the harbour mouth. The greenery and houses on the right are part of West Looe, the main part of town is on the East Looe side.

"Sunny Prom" :- This is a view looking West along the wide promenade of Brighton's neighbouring town of Hove, Sussex, England. The feeling of space here is huge compared to the promenade of Brighton which is about a third of the width. Dog walkers, rollerskaters and joggers make their way up and down enjoying the sea view on one side and the elegant seafront architecture on the other.

"Mansion Library" :- This was a grand library in a privately owned Mansion house for many years until the onset of WWII. This is the library of Bletchley Mansion situated within Bletchley Park, the central site of the United Kingdom's Government Code and Cypher School. The room became the Naval Intelligence office and it was just next door to the office of Commader Alastair Denniston, head of GC&CS. The Mansion itself dates from the late 1870's. As you can see from the image the library has been dressed as it would have looked during WW2.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill