Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Rise & Slant, Norton Farm and Dancing Light

"Rise & Slant" :- These wonderful sunlit trees are situated on the bank that forms the henge in the village of Avebury in Wiltshire, in southwest England. It's an ancent site that contains the largest stone circle in Europe (possibly the world). The standing stones are everywhere you look and it's hard to understand just how they were moved and put in position all those years ago during the Neolithic period which was around 2600 BCE. Many that wander around Avebury simply photograph the stones but I walk around with my eyes open (like I always do) and find so many other wonderful visual delights to point the camera at. I loved the lighting in this scene.

"Norton Farm" :- Desolated, deserted and dilapidated. This is Norton Farm located in a remote downland valley to the east of Brighton in East Sussex, England. This area has been inhabited since 1100 and has finds from the Bronze Age as well as from the Roman occupation have been found here. During Medieval tmes thias area was a hamlet known as Balsdean and it had tow farms named Norton and Sutton. Norton farm for some reason became uninhabited by the 20th Century and the buildngs were used for taget practice by the Allied artillery during WWII. Bizarrely enough, during the 19th Century Norton farm was used as a lunatic asylum. Not something you want to dwell on when wandering about the area in the middle of nowhere on you own!

"Dancing Light" :- Low tide as seen from the East of Brighton Marina (jutting into picture on the horizon from the right). The chalk and rocks retain some of the salt water from the channel and form their own idyllic little havens of peace and tranquility. The sun's reflected counterpart hops about and shimmers off the surface. This image makes me think of what it must be like to be in deep space. Up there, looking into a void of light and the darkest shades, stars and emptiness with just the sound of your own breathing filling your ears.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill