Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Shady Sheep, Boxes and Marina to Pier

"Shady Sheep" :- A very rural view. Some sheep take shelter from the sun by lurking in the shade of a tree. Staggering to think that this idyllic country scene is little more than half a mile away from the suburbs of Brighton. Castle Hill Nature Reserve is situated behind the village of Woodingdean and is designated a SSSI, a Biogenetic Reserve by the Council of Europe and is a Special Area of Conservation (SAC) under the European Habitats Directive. It is one of the finest examples of ancient, wildflower-rich, chalk grassland sites in the country.

"Boxes" :- A rare view inside a room that many don't even know exists. This is an upstairs 'secret' room within the Grade II listed Middle Street Synagogue in the City of Brighton, England. I was very kindly given a tour and unprecedented access to the building when I visited it back in June this year (2014). If you stand in Middle Street and look up at the outside of the Synagogue you will see a magnificent round stone window set in the wall at the top of the building. One you enter the sumptuous main hall of the Synagoue and look back towards the entrance you will see the round Zodiac window high up in the wall backlit with its exquisite stained glass. But it's an optical illusion as the windows are not one and the same at all but two entirely different windows and situated between the two high up in the building is this meeting room which is now used as a store room. It was strange to be standing in a room that many do not get to see and it was even stranger to be standing between the two beautiful windows!

"Marina to Pier" :- Shot just over a year ago on a hot July evening. I'd been out for the day in Eastbourne and drove back along the main coast road that goes over Beachy Head and through the Cuckmere Estuary before hitting Seaford, Newhaven and eventually Brighton. The late afternoon sun was glinting off the sea and I had a feeling that it would be worth me driving on and into Brighton itself instead of heading home. So I followed that feeling and ended up parking at Brighton Marina. The sea was so calm and unnervingly still that it looked unnatural. You felt like you could simply step of the protective sea wall and simply walk across it (I hasten to add that it's not advisable to ever try any biblical stunt). In the distance the lights were twinkling on the Pier and the City was starting to vanish into the blue haze of twilight as the sun finally gave up its fight and retired for the day.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill