Wednesday, 16 July 2014

St Mary's Church, Bridge & Steps and A Yacht and Two Gulls

"St Mary's Church" :- Not a black and white shot at all but a subtle colour image. This is an interior shot of St Mary's Church in the small town of Rye in in East Sussex, England. The church stands on top of a hill and overlooks the entire town and surrounding area. It's stood there for over 900 years, has been called 'the Cathedral of East Sussex' and has the oldest working church tower clock in the country. The town and church have royal connections (much like most of Sussex) as Queen Elizabeth I gave the town the right to use the title "Rye Royal" following her visit in 1573 and *King Charles I* described Rye as "The cheapest sea-towne for the provision of fish for our house". This is a shot of one of the windows set in the West facing wall.

"Bridge & Steps" :- This is a shot of the towpath and steps by bridge 89 in Milton Keynes. The bridge spans a section of the Grand Union Canal and is located near the Peartree Lodge Waterside Hotel. There's not a lot of information about the bridge but it was apparently built in 1918 and is 6.096 meters or 20ft in legnth. At one point in time it did serve various forms of traffic but now it is used by pedestrians only.

"A Yacht and Two Gulls" :- Shot by the waters edge during low tide on Brighton seafront. The breakwater / groyne is situated just to the West of Brighton Marina. Many of these structures date from the 1800's and are the result of the Victorians realising that Brighton's seafront and beach would dissapear unless they did something about it. Fortunately their engineering and construction worked perfectly and saved much of the seaside resort that you see today.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill