Saturday, 19 July 2014

Street Furniture, Just So and Above Widecombe

"Street Furniture" :- Birds, lamp posts, signs and a couple of people at a bus stop are all thrown into silhouette as the day's sun dips in the West. This is an unconventional image of the Ovingdean roundabout situated on the dramatic cliff-top seafront road (A259) just East of the city of Brighton, England. It's a mundane and often tiresome section of road (especially during rush hour) but as with all things there are times when it's simply beautiful and a sight to behold. Luckily for me i'd decided to take a walk down to the beach at Ovingdean Gap and this was the view that met me when I got to the coast.

"Just So" :- A wonderful summers day image of a bench in a garden. This is no ordinary garden though as this was once the garden of Rudyard Kipling. For a relatively short period of time (1897-1902) Kipling lived in the historical village of Rottingdean which is just a few miles East of Brighton on the south coast of England. He lived in a house called "The Elms" which he rented from Mr Bliss for three guineas a week. Kipling wrote about "The Elms" saying ""It was small, none too well built, but cheap,". Kipling's cousing Stanley Baldwin (the future prime minister of Great Britain) would often visit as his in-laws' house was also located in Rottingdean. "The Elms" had large and quite extensive gardens and somehow they survived redevelopement plans and are now known as "The Kipling Gardens" are open to the public and free to explore.

"Above Widecombe" :- I'd woken up, looked out the window and saw a gloriously sunny start to the day. Feeling refreshed and enlivened by the stunning scenery that is Dartmoor National Park (an area of moorland in south Devon, England) i'd grabbed my camera and before I knew it was walking up a long and steep country lane towards the huge rock formations at the top of the hill. This image was shot from Bell Tor which is 400 m / 1312 ft above sea-level and sits on the side of Chinkwell Tor. If you look carefully (center of image) you can make out the 120-foot tower of the Church of Saint Pancras in the distance. The Church stands in the small village of Widecombe-in-the-Moor and was originally built in the fourteenth century, it's also known as " The Cathedral of the Moors". It was a wonderful way to begin the day, up on the huge striated granite rocks overlooking the village and the moors with the sun on my back and a thought of breakfast in my head. Breakfast! As soon as that thought struck me I descended the Tor and made my way back down the lane eager to remedy the food situation.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill