Wednesday, 13 August 2014

A Troll's Home, Timeline and Buoys & Gulls

"A Troll's Home" :- An unconventional view of a historical bridge in West Sussex, England. These are the thick, wooden supports and crossbeams of the tollbridge that's on the Old Shoreham Road in Shoreham. It crosses the wide River Adur and is "the last of its kind in Sussex" and (apparently) one of the last of its kind anywhere in the world. The original bridge was built around 1781-2 after it was authorised by an Act of Parliament. Before it was built there were only three available ways to cross the river which were to use the bridge at Bramber (a good four miles away up stream), to cross the fast flowing water on horseback or to use the ferry which was said to be 'dangerous and frequently impassable'. The bridge is now a Grade II listed building, is preserved as a building of historic interest and a designated a bridleway. In 2008 the bridge was fully restored. It's not often that one gets to stand underneath a wooden "rickety" bridge and as I worked my way carefully below at low tide to take the shot thoughts of the Norwegian fairy tale "Three Billy Goats Gruff" entered my head. Trolls and bridges have become things of legend ... I was lucky this one wasn't at home!

"Timeline" :- Period clothing from the late 1800's flutters on a washing line that's strung near a wishing well. The scene was shot in the historical village of Rottingdean on the south coast of England during THE KIPLING FESTIVAL which was held there in July. Between 1897 & 1902 Rudyard Kipling lived in 'The Elms' (a house in Rottingdean) for three guineas a week with his family. His Uncle (the renowned Pre-Raphaelite artist Sir Edward Burne-Jones) also lived in the village in what is now called North end House (originally Prospect House) with his wife Georgiana (Kipling's favourite “Aunt Georgie”). Beyond the wall in the image you will find the Kipling Gardens (you can just see a bit of Kipling's white dovecote). I thought the washing seemed an odd thing to do as part of the festival celebrating Kipling. What looked to be a nightshirt gently wafted in the breeze alongside an apron and something else that I couldn't work out. Then rather alrmingly a corset and undeskirts danced in the sun on the line. Certainly not something that Kipling or his Aunt would have approved of...or anyone else living in the village in the late 1800's!

"Buoys & Gulls" :- First of all I should apologise for the title that I chose for this image. It was very childish of me I know but I simply couldn't resist so there it is. I'm hoping that the viewpoint, composition and perspective of the shot helps put you (the viewer) exactly where I was standing. A gentle breeze interupts the warmth of the sun on your face as the sounds of the fishing port fill the air. Boats bob up and down on their moorings as clouds sluggishly drift by. This is the beautiful Cornish town of Looe in England.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill