Friday, 15 August 2014

Bar Stool, Rose Garden Fountain and Cloud Bank

"Bar Stool" :- This is the Church Street entrance of the William the Fourth pub in Brighton, England. The other entrance is located in Bond Street as the pub sits on a corner in a busy part of the city. Looking at the buildings history it's been a licensed inn for a very long time as the first landlord documented (according to the was a William George in 1832. Early photos from the 1900's show the premises to be much smaller and only on Bond Street as the section shown in my image was private housing at the time before the pub was extended into Church Street. When a lot of the Brighton pubs are packed with people and fit to burst you can nearly alway guarantee a seat in the William the Fourth.

"Rose Garden Fountain" :- Nymans is an English garden developed by three generations of the Messel family from the late 1800's onwards. It's located in Handcross, Haywards Heath, West Sussex and now owned by the National Trust. It's an imense site as the estate covers over 600 acres of Sussex Weald and includes 275 acres of woodland, 300 acres of farmland and 50 acres of garden. The rose garden has been built from the rose collection by Maud Messel in the 1920s and features over 100 varieties. The Messel Fountain was specially commissioned and sculpted by Vivien ap Rhys Pryce. It was designed to look like a stylised rose.

"Cloud Bank" :- There's a public right of way and bridleway known as Hog Plat that connects the Beacon Hill Nature Reserve to the historical village of Rottingdean in Sussex on the south coast of England. It's an ancient passageway that's said to be an old sheep route down from the downs to the village pond. This is a view from halfway up Hog Plat looking north across the horse fields towards the Rottingdean play area, recreation ground and tennis courts. If you look carefully you can just make out some houses and roofs in the distance in 'Meadow Close' beyond the recreation area. I was on my way back home, taking a short cut through the nature reserve on foot and trying to beat the huge bank of clouds that were advancing on the area. The sun was still shining but there was a different feel in the air that informed me a storm was on its way in. Half an hour later the skies opened and the downpour commenced, luckily for me I just got home.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill