Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Dark Poet Society : "Beasts"

It's just gone 06:00 am and I am wide awake and up. I woke an hour ago with the world's woes and problems instantly buzzing in my head and couldn't get back to sleep. The last few years have been a nightmare for me. I won't go into detail here but the quick nutshell upshot of it all is that I lost an awful lot...and I simply haven't recovered from it. I suddenly found myself in a place i'd never been before. It was a dark and worrying place and I am still trying to find a way out. Every day is a struggle. Every day is a long haul to the other end. And so it goes on and on. I keep quiet about it as much as I can, most think I am fine...I am not. Bottling it up inside is not healthy. So I have decided to try and put down thoughts, musings, ideas into some form of poetic prose. Some of it may be very dark, some of it may be funny. Simple truth is I don't know yet as I haven't started or written anything. I feel very much on my own and often on the edge of tears. I also need to find work but struggle finding confidence where I used to have loads. Maybe an outpouring of inner thoughts will help. Who knows....but it's worth a try isn't it! So without further ado here's my first effort. Keep me covered, I'm going in...


I woke in the darkness
Though it was light outside
A thousand demons consumed my thoughts
Tore at my soul, made me hide
I stared at the ceiling
Turned from side to side
But sleep was out of reach.

So I swung out of bed
Feeling tired and cold
Shuffled around as if I was old
Then decided it better
That my thoughts were told
To excorcise the beasts