Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Gold in a Grey Land, Amusements Bowling and Library

"Gold in a Grey Land" :- A wintry sunset fights with a dark blanket of cloud on a chilly February evening. I'd been on a long walk across the cliff tops and decided to drop down at Saltdean to the undercliff walk for the journey home along the Sussex coastline of England. The entire walk back was a winter vision of gold and grey. I didn't pass anyone or see anyone. It was just me, the dropping sun and the sound of the sea.

"Amusements . Bowling" :- This was the wonderful and picturesque view from my room window in the Deganwy Hotel in Looe, Cornwall. Unfortunately it was only a fleeting visit so I only stayed the one night but managed to explore Looe as best I could in the short time I was there. I don't like the word "quaint" it's used far too much for Devonshire and Cornish towns and villages (Brighton's is forever being called "cosmopolitan" ... I dislike that too) so I will try to refrain from using it to describe the town of Looe. The river splits the fishing port in two and it's East Looe where you'll find the shops, resturants and bars etc. This view is looking across the Looe River and the houses in West Looe.

"Library" :- A moody interior shot of the library room (used as a sittng room) in Nymans House at Handcross, Haywards Heath, Sussex. The room is untouched and as Anne Messel (1902 - 1992), 6th Countess of Rosse left it. The house itself sits in an estate that covers over 600 acres of Sussex Weald and includes 275 acres of woodland, 300 acres of farmland and 50 acres of garden. The gardens are exquisite and well worth a visit but the highlight for me was the house itself. A grand mock-Tudor house that's partially in ruin due to a fire that tore through t in 1947. Just a few rooms remained unharmed and they were used and lived in up until the Countess's death in 1992.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill