Saturday, 9 August 2014

Moments of Pleasure, Strewn and Check Your Seat

"Moments of Pleasure" :- The blue hour hitting the south coast of England and turning Brighton beach into a cobalt vision. The shot was taken from the old Victorian East Street Groyne, a large breakwater that was the first concrete groyne to be built in Brighton in 1867 (the second was Albion Groyne in 1876). Before the East Street Groyne was built an area known as Pool Valley was prone to flooding during spring tides and high tides in stormy weather.

"Strewn" :- Between the Two Bridges Hotel (on the B3357) and the ethereal Wistman's Wood there's a public right of way and footpath. It's littered with rocks and roots and things that try and trip you up. It's as if everything is trying to make things as difficult as possible for you whilst saying "If you want to see the Wood you've really got to make an effort!". For what it's worth I loved the adventure of getting there. It was an unusually sunny and glorious day on Dartmoor (Devon, England), we gently and carefully made our way towards the famous Wistman's Wood as we chatted en route. Large granite boulders and rocks were everywhere you looked with wild grasses and moss growing beteen and around them. This shot was taken halfway between the hotel and the wood as I looked to the right (East) of the footpath we were on.

"Check Your Seat" :- I almost walked past this photo opportunity and was in danger of missing it completely! Fortunately for me my eyes and brain kicked in just in the nick of time as t dawned on me just how visual it all looked. This is a rather mundane and nondescript seating area on a wide, raised section of beach promenade in Hastings, East Sussex, England. This part of the 'prom' runs alongside Eversfield Place (A259) between Warrior Place and the burnt out twisted remains of Hasting's Pier. It was the only seating area like it so I was pleased I'd noticed it. The checked pattern of the paved promenade itself comlimented the linear pattern of the steps, benches and tiles of the shelter with the sunlight and shadows throwing in a last minute bit of interest.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill