Saturday, 30 August 2014

Powerless, East Hill Lift and Park Light

"Powerless" :- Shot way back in November 2012 during a power outtage in our area. Beyond the hill in the distance sits the sprawling coastal city of Brighton. It usually causes the clouds to glow underneath as it lights up for the evening but on this occasion everything was natural as the power cut was widespread. The image was taken from the top of Ovingdean Road in the ancient village of Ovingdean, Sussex, England.

"East Hill Lift" :- This is the East Hill Lift, a funicular railway in the seaside town of Hastings, England. It travels up and down between the Old Town and Hastings Country Park. It was opened in 1903, is driven by electricity, has a track length of 81 meters (267 feet), has two 'cars' (which carry 16 people in each) and is set at a steep 78% gradient. Originally the station at the top contained large water tanks and the lft operated on a water balance principle. The East Hill Lift is the steepest funicular railway in the United Kingdom.

"Park Light" :- For the first ten years of my life I lived in the center of Brighton and grew up near this park. Queens Park was my world. I went to school by it, I learned to ride a bicycle in and around it, I played on the swings and climbed up the slide in its playgound, I climbed its trees and I sailed boats on its pond and fed its ducks. This was my world and it was just a ten mnute walk from home. It's odd walking through it now. It feels and looks a lot smaller than I remember it, the pond has shrunk and a few things have changed. The old clock tower is still there, built in 1915 and now a Grade II listed structure. Apparently it was funded by money bequeathed by the late William Godleye, esq. as he was fed up of being asked the time by people each time he wandered about the park so left money behind for the clock to be built. If all goes to plan the park will soon undergo a much needed refurbishment. The playground and pond require some attention and other areas are going to be looked at and hopefully restored and / or fixed. The park originally started off life in 1825, when Thomas Attree (a property owner and developer in Brighton) purchased some land north of Eastern Road to build a residential park surrounded by detached villas, inspired by Regent's Park in London.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill