Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Coast Road, Mevagissey Harbour and Three Church Windows

"Coast Road" :- Here's an evening view from the top of the cliffs near Ovingdean Gap on the south coast of England. It clearly shows the English Channel, cliffs and busy coast road (A259). To the right (out of shot) of the image you have the village of Ovingdean itself, the black 'lne' sticking out to sea is Brighton Marina and just beyond that is the coastal City of Brighton itself. This is where I live and more often or not this is the route I take when I drive or walk into Brighton. The shot was taken around 6 pm so the coast road was busy dealing with the rush hour. The A259 is 118.5 miles or 190.7 km long and passes through Hampshire, West Sussex, East Sussex and part of Kent.

"Mevagissey Harbour" :- This is a view from the East Wharf looking back across the harbour towards Mevagissey in Saint Austell, Cornwall. It's a very small and condensed village & fishing port with an awful lot of character. It's the sort of port that you see pirates or smugglers sailing into in TV programs or films and the village does have a very interesting history of smugglers attached to it. Interestingly enough this view from the East Wharf is actually looking towards the West due to where Mevagissey is on the Cornish coastline so technically this is in fact the North Wharf. Strange world innit!

"Three Church Windows" :- Sunlight pours in through the windows of St Margaret's Church in the village of Ditchling in East Sussex, England. It's full name is the Church of St Margaret of Antioch and the church dates from the late 12th century. It's built on top of an earlier Saxon church which is mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086. Only the nave of the church is original as the rest of the building now stems from the 13th Century. The village of Ditchling dates back to Saxon times and is first recorded in 765 as Dicelinga in a grant by King Alduuf of land bordering Ditchling. The renowned bass player Herbie Flowers is a resident of Ditchlng.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill