Monday, 22 September 2014

Crossed, Pleasuredome and Moat & Gatehouse

"Crossed" :- A mid afternoon walk down by the River Adur at low tide enabled me to get this shot of the Shoreham Railway Bridge and the shadows it was casting. Originally a wooden trestle bridge was built in 1845 to span the wide river but in 1893 it was replaced with this monster of a steel bridge. The bridge is (approx) 305 metres or 1000 feet in length and its huge supporting cylinders go 21.33 metres or 70 feet down into the river bed. As locomotives get near it the metal starts to 'ping' and then it thunders and rattles like crazy when the trains actually cross over it. It's quite something to be standing underneath as they cross.

"Pleasuredome" :- I have to admit that I am very pleased with this shot and image. It was taken just before 8 pm on the end of Brighton Pier (formerly known as the Palace Pier). The lights had been turned on, a heavy sky was moving in and I had this section all to myself. The reason for that is because a film crew were also on the pier and all the day trippers and tourists were gathered around them watching very little hapening in the hope that something would start to happen. I had better ideas and wandered off to make something happen myself by utilising the people free spaces that had suddenly opened up. When I started to process the image my inital thoughts were to keep it bright and colourful but due to a "happy accident" I somehow must have clicked a keyboard shortcut by mistake and turned the image into a monotone one. I gazed at it in awe as it took on a completely different look and fee and decided to backtrack and process it properly as a black and white image instead. Pleased I did.

"Moat & Gatehouse" :- A seriously medieval looking image of England. This is a shot of the gatehouse at Michelham Priory refelecting in the moat. The priory is the site of a former Augustine Priory located in Upper Dicker, Hailsham, East Sussex. Its full name was the Augustine Priory of the Holy Trinity and it was founded in 1229 but due to King Henry VIII's dissolution of the monasteries the priory was dissolved in 1537, just one year after the act was brought in. England’s longest water filled moat surrounds the site which is now looked after by the Sussex Archaeological Society.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill