Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Dyke Ruin, Ouse Valley and Ribbons & Roots

"Dyke Ruin" :- I'm not entirely sure what this building was originally used for. Some say it's a ruined barn and other websites simply descrbe it as a ruined structure. Either way it's a ruin that's located high up on Devil's Dyke and overlooking a vast stretch of Sussex from its lofty position on the south downs. Devil's Dyke is roughly a 7 mile drive from the center of Brighton but it's actually located in West Sussex and not part of Brighton at all (although many regard it as being so) . It's well worth a visit as the beauty spot offers breathtaking views and exhausting walks along its various trails and paths.

"Ouse Valley" :- I've travelled over it many times in the past as I've hurtled through the countryside on the train between Brighton and London. This was the first time I'd even been standing by it and what a mighty and magnificent structure it is. This is the Ouse Valley Viaduct (also called the Balcombe Viaduct) over the River Ouse on the London-Brighton Railway Line north of Haywards Heath in Sussex. It was constructed in 1841 and is 1,475 feet (450 m) long and 96 feet (29 m) high. It has 37 semi-circular arches that are each 30 feet (9.1 m) wide and used an incredible 11 million bricks that were shipped over from the Netherlands. It's now a Grade II listed building and still has (approx) 110 trains per day passing over it on the Brighton Main Line. Incredible.

"Ribbons & Roots" :- This little group of trees sits on a mound that sits on part of the large henge (a bank and a ditch) that surrounds the huge standing stone cirlce of Avebury in Wiltshire, England. The trees have become a sacred site in their own right and many travel to Avebury not just to see the stones but to tie ribbons on the "Prayer Tree" that's located on top of the hill. I loved the twisting snakelike nature of the ground as the roots shot off in all directions spreading out over the mound with tufts of grass sprouting up.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill