Friday, 12 September 2014

George Hotel, Step Into the Dark and Shoreham Remembers

"The George Hotel" :- This Hotel in the town of Crawley in West Sussex, England has some history attached to it. Many walk past without giving much thought to it but it was once a coaching inn on the High Street. The George was one of England's most famous and successful coaching inns due to its location being halfway between London and Brighton. It's thought that parts of the building date from 1615 and it has been associated with royalty, bareknuckle prizefighting, smuggling and public hangings as well as being the subject of novels and paintings. It was also where the notorious 1940s "acid bath" serial killer John George Haigh stayed on numerous occasions.

"Step Into the Dark" :- An image that was shot just a few days ago around 20:30 pm on a dark and moody Madera Parade in Brighton. The Madeira Terrace was built in the 1890's and runs all the way from the Aquarium Terrace to Duke's Mound. It's just 25 feet or 7.65 meters wide but is an incredible 3,000 feet or 914.4 meters in length! Like a lot of buildings and structures in Brighton it has been given a listed status but it's not been well looked after and is in need of some serious care and attention. At night some sections of it are lit but others fall into darkness offering a rather gloomy and ominous looking route for pedestrians. This image was taken from the middle of the lower road looking toward the bootom of the stairs that were lit.

"Shoreham Remembers" :- Thirty-two poppy beds have been created by Adur and Worthing councils and three of them are in Shoreham in West Sussex. They were sewn to commemorate the centenary of the First World War. These ones were by the Adur Recreation Ground alongside the Brighton Road just west of the Norfolk Bridge.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill