Friday, 19 September 2014

Lion Arch, Palm Court Cafe and Slate Grey

"Lion Arch" :- A well designed and planned garden is a thing of beauty. It takes years of work, care and attention as well as an awful lot of money to create colourful flowerbeds, winding paths, walls, arches and crafted landscapes. The gardens at Nymans are located in Handcross, Haywards Heath, West Sussex and are a prime example of how a lot of love and time can create a beautiful place to walk in. They were developed by the Messel family over three generations starting in the the late 19th century. The property is now owned and run by the National Trust.

"Palm Court Cafe" :- A moody evening image of the Palm Court Cafe on Brighton's famous "Marine Palace and Pier" (now known unofficially as "Brighton Pier" but still referred to as the "Palace Pier" by Brightonians). The Palm Court Cafe is a famous fish & chip retaurant and the celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal once said it was the "Spiritual Home" of fish and chips! On the night I visited the pier there was a film unit on the far end by the "Horror Hotel Ghost Train" so many of the tourists and day trippers had gathered there to wathc proceedings. I took full advantage of that fact and wandered off in the hope that much of the pier would be devoid of people and I was was! Although the restaurant building is relatively new (a few decades or so) this black and white night time shot has a very 1940's feel to it.

"Slate Grey" :- Brighton's not all about ice cream, beach bars, gulls and sticks of rock. It can also be about rough seas, gale force winds and very heavy skies. When it's like this the beach clears and the tourists all vanish indoors very quickly resembling the town residents in an old black and white movie when there's about to be a gun fight in the street. The taste of the air changes, it thickens with salt and there's a coldness that seems to pervade every inch of your body which gives you a clammy feeling. The sea changes colour as it churns and the heavens darken and close in on everything. The seaside resort takes on a completely different persona.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill