Monday, 8 September 2014

Moor Water, Handle and Wind Machine

"Moor Water" :- A twilight moody calmness sweeps across the water as part of Dartmoor settles down for the evening. We'd spent a wonderful day down at Wistman's Wood and had finally returned to our lodgings for an evening meal and a drink or two with our hosts Philip & Sarah Reeve. This large body of water is at the bottom of their extensive and beautiful garden so we took a stroll down as the light began to fade. Fortunately for me i'd just taken this shot of the still water before their dog decided it'd be a good idea to try and retrieve a rather large rock from the bottom sending ripples off in all directions!

"Handle" :- This rudimentary iron handle leads to a set of rungs on the other side of the sea wall that drop down to the beach below. I've always wondered why they are there as there are plenty of other ways (ramps, steps etc) up to the undercliff walk. Maybe it's easier to pull alongside them in a boat and get out that way...not that i've ever seen a boat anywhere in this area. This section of the undercliff walkway (built in the 1930's) is in Saltdean which is a few miles east of the city of Brighton on the south coast of England.

"Wind Machine" :- An unusual view of the famous "Beacon Mill", a grade II listed black smock mill at Rottingdean on the outskirts of Brighton on the sussex coast. The mill sits on the edge of the Beacon Hill Nature Reserve and has been looking out to sea since it was dragged here by Ox from Brighton in 1802. The mill is also now a registered seamark as she can be seen for miles. Beacon Hill itself is an intriguing place as it has two Neolithic long barrows, or ancient burial mounds within its boundaries. It's also where a beacon was lit to to warn of the approaching Spanish Armada attack on Elizabethan England in 1588.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill