Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Over the Temple Wall, Guardians and Inlet Bridge

"Over the Temple Wall" :- Peaceful, majestic, dreamy and idyllic. Just a few words that spring to mind when I think of Omkoi which is the southwesternmost district of Chiang Mai (a province in northern Thailand) and covers an area of approximately 808 sq miles (2,094 km²). Far from the cities, it's an area full of teak stilt houses, dirt roads, pigs, chickens and dogs. This view is from within the grounds of Wat Saeng Thong in the village of Ban Dong. Beyond the temple wall the fields spread out and are surrounded by steep hills that are densely covered with trees.

"Guardians" :- Brighton provides many muses for me but if I had to choose just one then it would have to be the twisted ruin of the West Pier. She changes with the light, the weather and sea. She can look beautiful, mysterious, dangerous and lonley. When I look at her I can see how she used to be. She was built in 1866 by Eugenius Birch who became famous for his pier designs and constructions. I remember walking on her decks, standing in the hall of mirrors and playing "crazy golf" as the sea crashed around down below. That all stopped in 1975 when she finally closed to the public and her steady and rapid decline began. Storm damage and a couple of "dubious" fires eventually left just a frame. As someone who creates images she's an absolute gift as it's impossible to get a bad shot of her. She also works wonderfully in black and white.

"Inlet Bridge" :- Shoreham sits in West Sussex on the south coast of England as was built around the River Adur. It's very picturesque and has a lot of wide open spaces but because of the river it's also got a lot of bridges. This old little bridge looks rather insignificant ut is vital as it carries the main Brighton Road (A259) over one of the river's inlets and the dangerous muddy banks. A lot of Shoreham's bridges have been replaced and rebuilt but this one hasn't changed at all for as long as I remember.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill