Monday, 15 September 2014

Peartree Bridge Inn, Paths of Flight and Awnings

"Peartree Bridge Inn" :- A still, calm and quiet evening by a section of the Grand Union Canal. This was taken by the Peartree Bridge Inn which is right by the Milton Keynes Marina in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. We'd driven up to Milton Keynes from Brighton so that we could visit Bletchley Park the following day. We decided to stay at the Peartree Lodge Waterside Hotel which was right next door to the Peartree Bridge Inn. It was a good choice as the hotel was fine and the inn was within staggering distance. I also had the opportunity to take a walk with the camera along the canal as the sun went down on the day.

"Paths of Flight" :- A very new image as it was shot on Friday evening (12th September 2014) as I walked from Brighton along the beach towards the neighbouring town of Hove. The seaside resort is on the south coast of England and just a half hour or so drive from Gatwick airport (approx 27 miles or 43.45 kilometers away). This means that we are directly under various flight paths that travel to and fro between Britain and the rest of the world. If the weather conditions are right the sky becomes littered with the trails the planes leave behind. Friday evening was one of those nights. The buildings in the background are those of Hove.

"Awnings" :- Shot from down below by the Sea Life Centre entrance (the world's oldest operating aquarium) in Brighton looking up at the Harvester restaurant's three huge awnings. Lone before the restaurant was there the area used to have various childrens rides and stalls selling ice cream etc. It once had a winding track that would take 'fixed' vntage cars around it whilst the children pretended to drive them around. I used to be one of those children and have fond memories of how Brighton used to be. All the fun seems to have been taken away now as the seafront is a mass of bars and restaurants with very little to occupy families and children. Shame. There's the Brighton Wheel of course but that's £6.50 for a child and £8 for an adult. Now they are building the i360 by the old West Pier, I shudder to think what the prices will be like for that. I long for the simpler days, when things were much more innocent (and a far lot cheaper). You can't beat the smile of a child as they go round and round on a basic roundabout ride. Technology is one thing but hand a child a balloon and just watch their face. Anyway, I digress. The Harvester is now in place of all that was there before. It offers great views of the Brighton Wheel, Brighton (Palace) Pier and the sea.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill