Sunday, 14 September 2014

Smile, Castle on the Hill and All Aglow

"Smile" :- He he he. This was the one and only photo that I took when I joined Glyn Dewis and everyone on the 7th June 2014 for the Brighton Photo Walk. Brighton is my stomping ground anyway so the route we took as we moved en masse through the city was well known to me. To be honest I work far better on my own anyway as I have less distractions and can fall deep into a world of my own. Having said that I love company too so I found myself chatting to a few people as we picked our way through the Saturday throng. Needless to say I didn't take any pics apart from this one. It's a shot taken in Kensington Street in Brighton's North Laine shopping area. It's well known for it's street art with many shops and walls displaying huge murals. Central to this image there's a door that's been barred by metal brackets being riveted into place. The bottom bracket / bar is missing. Speciall mention goes to Darren Button who'd travelled from the Isle of Wight and chatted to me on the way around and also a big hello goes to Tommy Kronholm who sat on the beach afterwards chatting with me over a couple of pints of well earned beer.

"Castle on the Hill" :- Tonbridge is an old market town in the county of Kent in England. After the Norman invasion of 1066 land was granted to guard the crossing of the River Medway. An incredible 50,000 tonnes of earth were moved to create a moat as a basic Motte-and-bailey castle was constructed. In 1088 the wooden castle was attacked and burned to the ground along with much of the town of Tonbridge itself. Just before 1100 a stone shell keep was built and in 1295 a wall was built around the entire town. The twin towered gatehouse on the top of the hill in this image was built over 30 years and was completed in 1260. It is now a Grade I listed building and regarded as England's finest example of a Motte and Bailey Castle.

"All Aglow" :- This is my favourite bit of beach on the south coast. There are other, more picturesque and impressive beaches (Cuckmere Haven, Birling Gap, Beachy Head etc) where Sussex meets the sea but this one is free from tourists and it's also very near to where I live. This is the beach at Ovingdean Gap, a chalk bed that's full of rock pools at low tide. You can walk out quite a way as long as you're careful on the slippery, wet surfaces. Thge cliffs look inpressive from here too. On the far left of the image you can just make out some dark shapes that are Brighton, that's where all the noise is. This beach is where the noise isn't. It's my haven.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill