Thursday, 25 September 2014

Stairs & Arches, Sunset Solitude and Summer Palace

"Stairs & Arches" :- The Victorian cast iron filigree arches that run along the length of Madeira Drive are unmistakably that of the city of Brighton. No other town or seaside resort has such a Victorian stamp on it. The Victorians left their mark all the way along the seafront from the bandstand to pier and beyond. These arches were built and completed in 1890 and have stood the test of time to the best of their ability but now they are starting to look old and worn. This image is misleading as they look to be n perfect condition from this perspective but on closer inspection you can see the rust, wear and tear and it's obvious that they are in need of some love and attention. The red brick stairs that you see in the middle of the image lead up to the door of Studio 284 which is a rehearsal and recording studio.

"Sunset Solitude" :- A beach scene that is made by the one, single, solitary figure standing on the end of the old breakwater. It was 7 pm and I'd wandered out a little along the Western arm of Brighton's sprawling marina which was when I spotted the man watching the sun begin to lower in the eveing sky. The sea was sparkling and bouncing the light around which also threw The Brighton Marine Palace and Pier (it's real official name) into silhouette.

"Summer Palace" :- It's a thing tourists photograph and the locals ignore. I find that a shame. It's a staggering building with so much history attached to it and it's architecture is unique in Britain as there simply is nothing else like it in the UK at all. This is Brighton's Royal Pavilion which was once a royal residence. It started out life as a small seaside retreat in 1787 for George, the Prince of Wales. Slowly sections and embelishments were added to it and it slowly grew in size. George became Prince Regent in 1811 and it was just a few years after that that he engaged John Nash to redesign the Pavilion. Between 1815 and 1822 he extended it and turned it into the Pavilion you see still standing in Brighton today. George was eventually made King when he was coronated in 1821.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill