Friday, 5 September 2014

The Beer Garden, Old Harbour Wall and Estuary

"The Beer Garden" :- Many of my friends that know me in Brighton will recognise this view as it's one of my favourite haunts. This is the beer garden of The Ranelagh pub which is located at 2-3 High Street just off St James's Street in Brighton. It's usually packed with people but this was a sneaky shot taken just as the garden was closed around 11 pm. It's one of my favourite places to hang out as the owners and staff are brilliant, the beer is lovely and the live entertainment that they provide is way above what you'd expect. This is the pub where Gary Moore used to drink and on the odd occasion would play. Recently they have had live performances by Will Johns , Steve Rogers and Laine Hines. It's a serious music and conversation pub, no TV, no flashing fruit or quiz machines, no pool table or dart board. You sit, you drink, you listen and talk. Perfection.

"Old Harbour Wall" :- This old harbour wall dates from 1774 when an act of parliament was passed allowing the new port to be built at Mevagissey in Cornwall. Just over one hundred years later (1888) an outer harbour was also added which has helped protect and preserve this historic construction for centuries. There's a very "old world" feel to this little village and fishing port. Other than the cafes and souvenir shops it looks as if it hasn't changed much at all.

"Estuary" :- Time flies! This was shot vrtually two years ago to the day. This is a view from "High and Over" looking south out over the Cuckmere Estuary and towards the English Channel. On the far left you can just make out the start of Friston Forest which comprises of 3,000 acres of dense woodland. Most natural estuaries end up becoming harbours or ports and develope slowly over the years to become villages and towns. Cuckmere Estuary is unique in that it's managed to somehow escape industrialisation and construction and is still 100% natural. It's certainly one of the most beautiful places along the Sussex coast and has been used as a location for many movies and TV series.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill