Sunday, 21 September 2014

Times Like These, The Old Court House and Arched Beauty

"Times Like These" :- This was shot during sundown from Ovingdean gap near Brighton on the south coast of England. It was a fresh and chilly January evening and I found I had the cliff tops and the beach below to myself as everybody else was tucked up warm indoors. We get some really dramatic sunsets here on the coast and I am lucky that I live just a short walk (or shorter drive) away from the sea. Every minute of every day it changes with the light, weather conditions, temperature, time of year etc. No matter how many times I venture down here there's always something to marvel at or take my breath away!

"The Old Court House" :- This wonderful looking building is situated directly opposite the Dome Concert Hall & venue which is part of the Royal Pavilion Estate in Brighton. It's a large stone built Victorian styled building which was used as a County Court right up until 1967. For many years it was used as a store and fell into disrepair until the local council in charge at the time had it renovated and turned it into a multi-purpose lecture theatre. I stopped to take this shot for several reasons that caught my eye. Firstly I am a sucker for photographing bicycles. I have no idea why, I cannot justify my actions but I can't seem to pass one or see some without having to photograph them. Secondly the light was falling on the building nicely. Thirdly I loved the shadows that were being thrown from the Dome Complex opposite and especially loved the large shadow on the right that's of one of the Dome's many minarets.

"Arched Beauty" :- As a child I used to think that the most medieval things left for us to walk around and see were a few old wattle and daub houses dotted about and some crumbly castles here and there. I was wrong. The most medieval things that we have that are still in superb condition are our churches and cathedrals. You get a real sense of the power they were trying to make you feel. Right across Europe they were building these colossal and majestic structures, rising and towering up out of the ground, stretching and reaching up into the heavens. The opening song from the musical "Notre Dame de Paris" is called "The Age Of The Cathedrals" and it explains how artists of the time dreampt in sculpure "For man just has to climb up where the stars are". Some of these structures took hundreds of years to complete and in Barcelona the "Sagrada Família" cathedral is still being built (it was started in 1882) and is probably one of the only places on the planet where you can still see one rising up. Anyway, this shot was taken within one of Britain's well known Cathedrals. Chichester Cathedral was was founded in 1075. Most of it's interior is Norman and it's the only medieval English cathedral which is visible from the sea and is therefore used as a landmark / seamark by sailors.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill