Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Blazing, Tonbridge and Great East Window

"Blazing" :- An intense image from the end of Brighton's famous pier and tourist attraction. It's an unusual shot too as you don't often see it this devoid of people. There's not a soul around. Actually that's not strictly true. There were lots of people about but they were all being sheep and were huddled together several meters behind me watching a film crew shooting for a TV advert. Not a single one of them seemed to want to break ranks so there they stood en masse, filling their faces with chips whilst they gawped at the incredibly boring proceedings of a film crew setting up for a shot. I took full advantage of this fact and found myself in a brightly lit fun fair that was 100% empty just by walking 60 seconds south.

"Tonbridge" :- This is the market town of Tonbridge in the county of Kent in England. It's another of England's ancient towns as it's mentioned in the Domesday book and also has the remains of an 11th Century castle within the town. IN this image you can see "The Big Bridge" which is a Victorian cast-iron bridge spanning the River Medway. There's been a bridge at this point since 1774 but the cast-iron version you see in this shot dates from 1888.

"Great East Window" :- I have to admit I am rather pleased with image. They refused to let me use my tripod within Bath Abbey (full name is The Abbey Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul) so I had to be creative and find various ways to work around the problem. An ingenious solution was employed to get this impressive windon and stone work digitally caught. There was a large mirror on a trolley that allowed people to look up at the stone and glass without hurting their necks. I simply balanced the camera on the side of the mirror and shot down into it. When I eventually got around to processing the image I flipped it and reversed it so it would be the right way around and then processed it like a usually do. The great east window s a Victorian contribution to the church and was designed with stained glass by the famous firm of Clayton and Bell. The Abbey is located in the city of Bath in Somerset, South West England.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill