Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Bridging the Gap, House & Sycamore and Orange Lining

"Bridging the Gap" :- A view from under a bridge that straddles the River Ouse as it wanders through the historical town of Lewes in Sussex, England. The bridge carries a section of road known as the 'Phoenix Causeway' over the river. If you let your eyes wander down you'll see a stack of barrels over a red brick wall. That's the famous Harveys Brewery which was founded in 1790. If you look beyoned that you'll see just down river a smaller and older looking crossing. That's the beautiful grade II listed "Cliffe Bridge". That bridge was built in 1732 and provides access to Cliffe High Street.

"House & Sycamore" :- This is a shot taken within the courtyard that's at the back of the ruined Nymans House. It's situated in a place called Handcross, Haywards Heath in the county of Sussex, England. It's now owned by the National Trust but it was once the home of the Messel family and particularly Anne Messel, 6th Countess of Rosse (1902-1992). Anne was a wealthy socialite who also happened to be the mother of Lord Snowdon who married Princess Margaret, sister of Queen Elizabeth II. Much of the house was destroyed by fire in the winter of 1947. It's a majestic looking building even though most of it now is open to the elements.

"Orange Lining" :- Shot nearly two years ago in December 2012. A mercurial sea at Ovingdean Gap reveals the rocks at low tide. The late afternoon suset was catching the clouds and dusting their edges with light. At this time of year it's utterly peaceful on this section of beach. All the tourists and noise they bring with them are three miles west of here in Brighton. This part of the beach is quite well hidden as the village of Ovingdean is set back from it and the subway that leads across to the steps is well hidden from the road. This is my hideaway.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill