Friday, 17 October 2014

Browns Interior, The Dark Side and Heavy Weather

"Browns Interior" :- As the title suggests this is the interior of Browns Restaurant & Bar located in Duke St within the famous coastal City of Brighton in England. There are now many 'Browns' across the UK but this is where it all started from when opened in 1973. I don't know much about the history of the building but I do know that before 1973 it was used as a building society. The restaurant itself has a very early 1920's 'colonial' type feel to it with its gentle color scheme, potted palms, ceiling fans and rich wood tones.

"The Dark Side" :- This is the small coastal town and fishing port of Looe in Cornwall. The town is split in half by the River Looe and East and West Looe are connected by the "Old Bridge". This view is looking North up the river from the heavily shaded West Looe. The sunlight was still keeping East Looe nice and warm.

"Heavy Weather" :- Brighton comes alive when the sun's out. It's a hive of actvity, noise, laughter, fish & chips, chatter, gulls, traffic, stag & hen parties and seaside shenanigans. However, when the weather turns it empties out very quickly and becomes a desolate and very silent place. Being born here I have grown to love both versions of this famous resort. One offers warmth and a buzz to everything and the other offers a beautiful solitude full of the tones that only the seaside can provide.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill