Saturday, 25 October 2014

Butchery Lane, Standing Stone and Burning Sands

"Butchery Lane" :- The name of this lane sounds medieval and it looks medieval too. This is Butchery Lane in the heart of the City of Canterbury in Kent, England. I'd actually driven all the way out there to visit the famous cathedral with the intention of photographing its incredble stone cloisters but when I got there I discovered a rediculously long queue of tourists waiting in line to get in with an even more rediculously expensive fee at the end to get in. I aborted my plan and quickly fashioned plan B which was to aimlessly wander the City and explore. So here's a view looking down the Butchery Lane towards Burgate and the mighty cathedral. It has been said that this lane was once known as "Golden Angel Lane" up until the statue of an angel was stolen in the 18th Century. I have no idea if this stry holds any truth but rumours, myths and legends are usually based on some facts somewhere along the line. Butchery Lane obviously took its name from the traders that were once there as it was once historically home to butchers and food retailers. Like most of Canterbury this area is ancient. If you look acrefull down the lane you'll see at the far end (on the left hand side) a sign with the head of William Shakespeare on it. That's ‘The Shakespeare’ inn which is a pub that dates back to 1504!

"Standing Stone" :- It was 9 pm in the evening, the sun was finally giving in to the oncoming darkness and I was standing in a field with some large stones and some small sheep. I was in Avebury, a Wiltshire village within a stone circle. Stonehenge takes all the limelight and the glory. It's known throughout the world and thousands upon thousands of tourists flock to see the prehistoric monument. But few realise that just a few miles up the road there's Avebury, a Neolithic Stone circle that's the largest in the world and is also one of the most accessible. Avebury is bigger, it covers an area of over 28 acres and is 14 times larger than Stonehenge! Avebury is older, it's (approx) 4,500 years old which makes it 500 years older than Stonehenge.

"Burning Sands" :- Shot near the huge Western arm of Brighton marina. Directly below the sun the City's famous Victorian pier is silhouetted against the horizon as the rest of the skyline is thrown into deep, dark shadows. The sand took on the look of beaten bronze and copper and looked molten in places. Once again I found I had the beach to myself which was odd considering this is a well known seaside resort. I stood there long enough for my boots to start being sucked down into the wet sand and then decided to make my way along the shoreline towards the pier and the busier parts of the city.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill