Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Daily Doodle : Pumpkin Boy

Today's Halloween themed topic for the daily doodle on Twitter (@Daily__Doodle) was "Pumpkin Boy". I had various ideas running around in my head for this one but in the end settled for a child with a carved pumpkin for a head. A bit obvious to go that way but sometimes the simplest works the best. The original idea was to sketch a child running with his hands mimiking claws with a pumkin stuck on his head. I drew the pumkin and the cafe on it and suddenly found myself adding a pacifier/dummy to it. Instantly the idea changed and I ran with it ending up with the mage that you see here now. This doodle is a tad different from the others as this ne was actually sketched out old school styly with pencil and paper. It was then scanned in where I cleaned up certain elements and added the color and lighting etc. So here he is...Pumpkin Boy.