Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Doodling Away

There's a Twitter page called "Daily Doodle" (@Daily__Doodle) that i've been keeping an eye on and watching for a week or so now. It posts weekly themes and daily characters for anyone to have a go at drawing / doodling. It's open to all (novices, amateurs and pros) and there's a huge varied selection of styles, techniques & artwork to see. Some base their images on the real characters and others make up their own versions and play with the themes. This week I have finally been brave enough to have a go myself and submit a couple of doodles. This week's theme is "Labyrinth" so I thought I'd show you my two sketches so far.

Monday's subject and doodle was "Hoggle". I chose to jump right in an create my own version for laugh which you can see here :-

Today's character was "Ludo". Here's the quick 5 minute sketch of Ludo that I did based on the creature workshop version seen in the film. It was drawn digitally directly into Photoshop using my Aiptek drawing slate.