Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Gull & Boat, The Crossing and Jade Halo

"Gull & Boat" :- A very seaside image. A sea, a beach, a pier, a boat and a gull. Late evening on Brighton beach provided me with the opportunity to grab a few shots whilst it was relatively quiet. The sun was dropping fas in the west which was giving the old worn wood of the boat a warm and rich glow. Just as I set up the shot a gull landed on the boat to give its feet a rest thus adding a nive final touch to the image.

"The Crossing" :- A very different and powerful image of the old wooden built toll bridge that crosses the River Adur at Shoreham in West Sussex. The bridge is the last of its kind in Sussex and is also (apparently) one of the last of its kind anywhere in the world. In the 1700's there were only a handful of ways to cross this wide and fast flowing river. The choices available at that time were to either travel miles North to Bramber where you could then cross by bridge, to take your chances and cross the river on horseback or to use the ferry which was was later described as 'dangerous and frequently impassable'. An act was passed that allowed them to build the Old Shoreham Tollbridge at the site where the ferry used to cross and it finally opened to public traffic in March 1782. The bridge then remained in use by traffic (believe it or not it carried the coastal the A27 trunk road for many years) right up until 7th December 1970 when it was finally closed to traffic due to the "flyover" being built a quarter of a mile up river. The bridge has been listed by English Heritage as a Grade II structure.

"Jade Halo" :- I thoroughly enjoyed myself during the few hours I spent exploring 'Nymans' which is a National Trust Garden, House and Ruin in West Sussex. It's located in Handcross, just a couple of miles south of the wonderfully named Pease Pottage and is just off the main A23 road to Brighton. There's a huge rose garden, a beautifull walled garden that looks and feels very Edwardian, a vast selection of shrubs, plants, flowers and many trees of all shapes and sizes (including a Giant Redwod). I like strong visuals so this tree standing in its own shade jumped out to me immedately as it was backlit by harsh, vivid sunlight which seemed to make the leaves glow.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill