Friday, 3 October 2014

Jellied Eels & Rollmops, Ornamental Towers and Communications Post

"Jellied Eels & Rollmops" :- A sea food cart waitsm on the lower promenade to be loaded up and wheeled out near the beach. This area is part of Brighton's old fishing quarter which was once a hive of activity in the 1800's with boats, nets and fishermen taking up virtually every inch of space. Now it's home to the Fishing Museum and various sea food stalls.

"Ornamental  Towers" :- This has been described as “probably the most elegant viaduct in Britain". It's colossal in size as it is 450 meteres or 1,475 feet in length and stands at 29 meters or 96 feet high. In order for the viaduct to be built 11 million bricks were brought all the way from the Netherlands and were transported up the Ouse River from Newhaven and then through Lewes. It was officially opened in July 1841 and is still used to this day carrying (approx) 110 trains between Brighton and London. The viaduct is located just north of Haywards Heath in West Sussex, England.

"Communications Post" :- I got so used to seeing things like this when I was living in Thailand that it used to amuse me greatly to see tourists faces when they spotted something like this. The streets, roads and sois and alleyways of Thailand are littered with obstacles and things to catch you off guard. Phone boxes are be placed in the middle of pavements / sidewalks forcing you you step out into the road to go around them, motorbikes will suddenly mount a kerb and come straight for you and cables are absolutely everywhere. They are around your ankles, they hang down by your shoulder, they are at head height, neck height and looped around on the ground ready to trip your feet. This wonderful array was photogra[hed in the city of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill