Sunday, 26 October 2014

Neglected, Under the Tower and Beach Breakthrough

"Neglected" :- These two doors look as though they haven't been opened for a very long time. The paint on the steps is worn and flaking and the grass growing at the bottom is an indication that this route is no longer in use. This is the back of the cafe that's in Wild Park in Brighton, England. The park is Brighton & Hove's largest Local Nature Reserve and has extensive woodland walks. I stopped to take this shot for several reasons. I liked the way the colors interacted with each other, the worn red on the steps jumps out against the green and cream. I also liked the building itself, it's old (possible 30's or 40's) and the various panels made me think of the paintings of Piet Mondrian.

"Under the Tower" :- Shot deep within the heart of Buckfast Abbey in Buckfast near Buckfastleigh, Devon, England. There's been an abbey here since 1018 but the monastery was surrendered for dissolution in 1539 thanks to King Henry VIII. After the ruins were demolished the site was used as a quarry and then later became home to a Gothic mansion house. Then in 1882 a group of French Benedictine monks bought the site and refounded the monastery. A new church was started in 1907, consecrated in 1932 and then finally completed in 1938. The Abbey Church has recently undergone massive restoration and cleaning so it's now sparkling and gleaming as if it were built yesterday. This shot was taken (approx) below the tower.

"Beach Breakthrough" :- I'd already been out and about on foot for several hours and was making my way back along the seafront to Brighton Marina to retrieve the car from the ugly concret multi-storey car park I'd left it in when this quick afterthought shot came about. The large bank of pebbles that's piled up is not natural. It's bulldozed into that formation to protect those wishing to go without clothes on Brighton's small nudist beach from the prying eyes of those on "the prom". Anyway, the clouds split and the sunlight shot through so I took a quite shot. You can just see a few of Brighton's taller buildings to the right of the image. Once the i360 is built it will tower over everything thus ruining and dominating the skyline at the same time.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill