Friday, 24 October 2014

Sands of Blue, Coast Road and River Street

"Sands of Blue" :- I love the deep blue hues of this shot and image. The combination of a low tide and sunset on Brighton & Hove beach created this cobalt scene. Sand is a rarity in Brighton, the tide has to go out some way before you get a glimpseof what lies beneath all those pebbles. When you do see it though it's breathtaking as it glistens and shimmers in the natural evening light.

"Coast Road" :- Looks eerie doesn't it. I can tell you now that it was very eerie. This was part of the long, dark and lonely walk home to Ovingdean from brighton back in December 2013. The main A259 coast road is usually a fast moving, never ending stream of traffic in both directions but at this time of night (02:00 am) it's devoid of all life apart from the odd fox and a lone photographer. It was raining slightly too just to add to the misery as I trudged the 3 miles walk home.

"River Street" :- This is a somewhat colourful shot and image of River Street in the Cornish fishing village of Mevagissey. It had just gone 6:30 pm and the tourists and day trippers had all got back onto their buses and coaches leaving the narrow streets pleasantly empty. We'd wandered back in from the guest house in search for a bite to eat and I also saw it as an opportunity to grab a few shots without hundreds of people being in the way...and to grab a pint or two afterwards while I was at it. Right at the end of the road on the right you can just make out a blue sign sticking out from the wall. That's the 400 year old "Ship Inn", one of the only two remaining smuggling Inns from the 17th century (the village had at least ten inns back in those times). Now the main industry is tourism so the place is full of cafes, souvenire shops and ice cream parlours etc.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill