Monday, 6 October 2014

Two Bridges, Look Both Ways and Flat Tires

"Two Bridges" :- An old Victorian brick bridge crosses the Grand Union Canal whilst a more modern bridge straddles the same section of canal behind it. This part of the GUC passes through the town of Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire, England. The old bridge in the foreground is now just used by pedestrians but it was at one point open to carriages and early cars. The modern bridge carries a wide dual carriageway known as "Standing Way" (the A241) which cuts right through the town itself.

"Look Both Ways" :- A network of chain fences, barriers and gates seperate the Eastern promenade from the beach at Brighton. The reason for this is because between the gates you have the old rails of the Volks Railway, the oldest operating electric railway in the world. It was opened on 4th August 1883 by Magnus Volk himself and it is still operational today and ferrying tourists up and down along the beach between the famous pier and Black Rock (near the Marina) on its narrow gauge tracks. The claxon sounded by the trains as they approach the crossings is a unique sound, it's something I have grown up with all my life and it's as much a part of Brighton as the Roayal Pavilion, Piers and famous seafront.

"Flat Tires" :- The River Adur in Shoreham (West Sussex) at low tide becomes a vast and wide expanse of mud flats. It's not something you want to inadvertently walk out on as you'll fnd yourself stuck very quick. For this image I was balanced on an old bit of wall that had broken off and was laying on its side at the edge of the bank and mud. The flats are strewn with bricks, bits of wood and car tires. It's quite an alien landscape but still a beautiful one.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill